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Exciting times ahead

The time has finally come! Tomorrow evening I'll be receiving my course package for the Penetration Testing with Kali course and subsequent OSCP certification exam. I'm incredibly excited to kick this off, as I've been anticipating taking this course since well before I last updated this blog. I've done all that I could possibly do to be a sponge and soak up any and all information related to the course and exam. I know to anticipate many long nights ahead. Thankfully my lovely wife supports me 100% during the next 60 days!

I wanted to do my best to prepare myself for the upcoming challenges and I took the advice of several OSCP bloggers and checked out some online resources and books:

The books have been a great source. I managed to go cover to cover with Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, and I've been poking around with Violent Python, and I'm still in the 1st section of The Shellcoder's Handbook. Violent Python has been a good read so far; it was definitely a refreshing change from my day-to-day Python development. I wanted to get more familiar with gdb before diving into more exploit writing/modifying so the SecurityTube video series was somewhat helpful. The VMs on have been a constant source of challenges of which I've enjoyed working on a couple when I found the time. The netsec community on reddit has been a place I've been a part of for almost the whole time I've been a redditor; there's always something interesting to read about or discuss.

Books, videos and VMs are all fine and well, but I'm not sure any of that will truly prepare me for what's ahead! I'll be bound by NDA so I won't be sharing the details of my progress (read: pain, suffering, weeping and gnashing of teeth) thru the PWK course. I don't expect I'll blog very much during these next 2 months, but who knows, perhaps taking some time out to share my thoughts will be a welcome reprieve from intense studying and practice!