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Dusting off the cobwebs

As mentioned in my first post, part of the reason I created this site was to document my path back into the realm of information security. So I suppose we should start from the beginning...


It feels like a long time for me, but in the grand scheme of things it really wasn't that long ago. In 2002 when I moved to Philadelphia to attend Drexel University I relied on my extended family in the area to adjust to life in a "big" city. My (second) cousin was working as a software engineer with some network administration tied in and he showed me what he did for work and from the get-go it piqued my interest. My hunger for knowledge was insatiable. I supplemented my university education with bits and pieces of things I learned from my cousin along with things I learned by getting involved in established circles for whitehats.

I eventually found my "place" in the company of the folks over at the Whitehat Project. I was always on IRC at #mutsonline. I admit that I lurked (my handle was warrior) more than I contributed, but I really enjoyed learning at the feet of some amazing individuals as muts (now Lead Trainer over at I was around for the inception of the Backtrack Live CD (then called Whoppix – the splash screen of the 1st generation of Backtrack was muts' dog – how about that for professionalism!). I was also around in the early stages of Metasploit. It was a very exciting time all around.

Eventually my studies at Drexel overpowered my enthusiasm for the information security community I so enjoyed being a part of. I dedicated more of my time to learning how to write web applications and less to being a wallflower in whitehat IRC channels, and over the years I lost touch with my passion.

Fast forward a handful of years to today. I love my job. I love what I do! I get the opportunity to make awesome stuff with a bunch of brilliant minds at a very successful company. On a whim, I googled Backtrack just to see how the project I had been a part of was progressing. My search took me to Kali Linux, the successor to the Backtrack Live CD, and I was amazed! There were so many new features and tools available since I had last seen! That amazement was the spark that fueled my emergence back into the realm of information security.

After a fair amount of research, I've decided that in 2014 I will be pursuing the Offensive Security Certified Professional certification offered by Offensive Security. The goal is to get reacquainted with the field and just see where it takes me. I anticipate I'll begin the Pentesting with Kali Linux course (pre-requisite for the OSCP) mid-spring and go from there. Until then, I'll be clearing off the cobwebs and diving back into the "books" and warming up with some CTF challenges (which I'll do my best to document here).

I'm looking forward to seeing where this takes me!